We apologize for the lack of communication this month; it’s been an exciting yet frustrating time since we launched the website and signs on April 1st.  We want the community to know that we will not be intimidated and will continue to present the facts and supporting our CBSD district and school board directors.

Here is a brief summary of what occurred:

1) A coordinated online campaign to steal our signs commenced which resulted in many community members removing our signs within one week. The signs are private property, and this was a violation of our 1st Amendment rights and censorship. Community members went above law enforcement and the township authority and took matters onto their own hands. One person was caught, photographed and reported to the police for removing two signs. It was clear to us the community members were some members of the Democratic Party. We were shocked that people would actively censor an organization. We were told by a Democrat on Twitter that PennDOT was called and took our signs, but this was not true per the email below.

At the corner of 313 and Cold Spring Creamery Rd., a woman with a Biden sticker and rainbow flag removed our sign and also had another one in her car at the time of this photograph.

2) Our website host was harassed by community members and subsequently severed ties with our organization; therefore, our website was migrated to a new host.

3)The location of an administrator’s home was disclosed to 6000 people on Twitter by a former 2021 Democratic School Board Candidate, Diana Leygerman.

5) A relentless attack on CBSD411 on Twitter by democratic party members occurred. Someone also created and is impersonating @CBSD411. Our twitter handle is @CBSD411Official. @CBSD411 is a fake account with an incorrect logo.

Unfortunately, we are not shocked that activists employing Marxist tactics would do this to another community organization, because the same playbook has been applied to our school board directors, administration and parents in this district. The next page “Doxing the District” describes these attacks further.