Printing The Truth

  • National and local media outlets have been covering CBSD over the last 18 months, unfortunately it seems in a biased fashion leading to confusion, division and misinformation within our community.
  • Just like sex sells, so does sensationalism and little white lies, thus in our opinion, it is hard for the average person to understand what is going on in our district and also learn the truth.
  • What little, accurate coverage is buried or drown out by the multitude of bad press. here are some article we found that present accurate information, quoting the people that are involved in this situation: the CBSD School Board, Administration and parents.

Broad and Liberty

Broad and Liberty has been the primary media support focusing on accuracy in reporting, not dividing our community.
  • After months of negative headlines, Todd Shepherd reports that our district board majority and administration hasn’t been contacted for comment by opposing press.
  • If any quotes were put in an article, they were often cut off in order to keep the full meaning of the statement unclear and thus misrepresent our Board President.
  • Media onslaught has been unfair and unbalanced intentionally to win an election, neither to provide insight into district issues, provide facts on policy, nor help our district regain its high academic standards.

In an attempt to inform the public what is in policy 321, the entire policy is published instead of false narratives concerning discrimination against students.

Unfortunately, years of union influence on teachers is behind their desire to bring politics into the classroom, bringing a new generation to the Democratic Party under the guise of activism and democracy. Because they are “doing the right thing”. Only the union wins in the end demonstrating that they don’t even spend money on their own members.

Did you know the PA State Educational Association spends $40 million dollars annually on political marketing for the democratic party?

If interested in changing unions or understanding union dues and where they spend their money, visit

Delaware Valley Journal

Another leading news source, provides accurate and informative articles, (not defamation, labels and attacks) letting the reader decide.
  • Notice the title indicates that sexually explicit books are the content that Policy 109 regulates.
  • Both President Hunter and Dr. Lucabaugh are quoted and accurately cited.
  • Both opponents and supporters of the policy are quoted and are able to present their views.
  • Articles such as this one inform our community, not misinform and divide.

The First Street Journal

There are two sides to every story and The First Street Journal provides logical opposing points to the liberal media

Parents are always concerned about child predators and want to protect their children. Unfortunately we are finding them in places we aren’t permitted to attend now. Yes, we are concerned.

THANK YOU to our current board for having the strength and perseverance to remove a teacher harming students. Very grateful for your strength and courage to do what is right for the kids.

Press Across the Nation

All over the country, parents are asking administrators to review library content. New laws in Florida require review of all content by media specialists. Duval County reviewed 1.6 million books, most remaining on the shelves.

Why do 60 books seem daunting and going to take CBSD 2 years to review?

Duval County reviewed 1.6 million books, most remaining on the shelves.

CBSD head Library Coordinator won’t commit to reading more than 5 books over 60-90 days. Would this be acceptable in a corporation for an employee with a six figure salary + Pension + Benefits?