What You Can Do?

  • We believe not only in parental rights, but a community effort to support and monitor our school district. Parents have the right to actively research, understand, and remove sexually explicit content from our district.
  • Talk to your children and encourage them to communicate with you about any questionable material or topics taught in school. Both policy 109/2 and 321 were updated based on parental/student experiences in our district. Often materials are brought in under the guise of classroom instruction and we as parents would have no way of knowing without our children communicating with us.
  • If you believe that any of the books being challenged should not be in our school district please contact Mrs. Burger at mburger@cbsd.org and Dr. Lucabaugh at sradcliffe@cbsd.org
  • Parents have the right to restrict access to sexually explicit materials for their own children by clicking here for Elementary Students and Secondary students. The library staff believes that this is where our rights end. We disagree.
  • Parents who find other books with sexually explicit content can challenge those books by clicking HERE. If the book is listed on booklooks.org you can use the content to assist in your challenge.
  • There is a lot of misinformation being disseminated by the media and Democrats. Please share this website with your neighbors, taxpayers, and fellow parents to educate and spread the truth.
  • Please attend and listen to school board meetings and have conversations with the six school board members. They are willing to any questions parents or community members have. You can review archived meetings by clicking here.
  • Please vote in the primary election and general election in 2023. There are five school board seats up for election. We have thrived with a conservative board for decades and to switch to a Democratic majority based on lies and division to our community is alarming. Our candidates was to focus on education not politics or agendas.
  • Join other parents who support the good work that our school board majority is doing to protect our children by submitting your contact information and volunteering in the upcoming election campaign.