The Primary Election is tomorrow Tuesday, May 16th!!!! Please get out to vote as this election primary DOES MATTER!

What is Cross-filing and does it cause confusion?

Two areas of election positions where cross-filing is allowed are School Board Directors and Judges. Why? These positions are considered non-partisan so candidates can get signatures to be put on both ballots.

Our CBSD school board election has already been contentious as evidenced by the plethora of candidate signs and literature already going out. During the primary, Democrats and Republicans will be voting on their own party candidates EXCEPT with School Board and Judicial Candidates.

In our school board race, ALL FIVE Republican and Democratic Candidates were able to get signatures from the other party and will be on the opposing ballot. More confusingly, In Region 3, there is an additional UNENDORSED GOP Republican candidate in Buckingham Township so there will be three candidates on the ballot.

Therefore, Cross-filing can cause confusion for some who are not as familiar with the candidate names.

Before you find your candidate, check to see if your ballot will even have a School Board Candidate on it this year. Find your voting region here: Find Your Region – CBSD School Board Directors 2023 – Google My Maps ( If you reside in Regions 4, 5, 7 and 9, you will not vote for School Board Candidates on your primary ballot.)

Here are the ENDORSED GOP Republican Candidates and their respective Regions.

website: Central Bucks Forward – Central Bucks Forward

These candidates would like to add school safety officers, focus on stopping the student pandemic learning loss, improve parent-district partnerships and participation, advocate for other advancements in STEM and other advanced programs, improve on existing academic excellence, and maintain the conservative fiscal district values.

Region 3: Patricia Carmen is a Republican running in the Region 3 Primary. This is the ONLY School Board Region with two Republican Candidates so you will have THREE Candidates on your ballot! Unlike Glen Schloeffel, Patricia Carmen is not endorsed by the Republican GOP, has no previous School Board Director experience, and is also endorsed by the democratically influential teacher’s union, the PSEA which is very strange.

Unfortunately, political activism was brought into our schools and will be advocated by the Progressive Democrats not Republicans. Their campaign is all about putting a political agenda in our schools and they are not truthful when they put out messages like the one below. Progressive activists like Marlene Pray, Democratic Board Members, Smith and Del’ Angelo, and many community members caused the chaos.

Here are the Endorsed Democratic Candidates.

DEMOCRATIC CBSD Neighbors United

If elected, these candidates would repeal Policy 109 and 321 (Source: Advocates for Inclusive Education), leaving no guidelines for librarians who have been using the Marxist influenced ALA organization for their recommended book lists. All Candidates are endorsed by the political PSEA union (which gives $40 million dollars annually to political democratic leaning campaigns). The PSEA endorses candidates who would promote their current gender ideology agenda which is: no restriction on gender bathroom use, promote biological males in girls sports, locker rooms and bathrooms (suppress women’s rights through Title IX), and endorse PSEA sexual gender identity education. The latter was just shockingly discovered in this article where the Norristown School District and PSEA teacher’s union officials announced the implementation of teacher and staff “I’m Here” badges (Source 1). Sounds benign right? Well hidden within a QR code in this badge, is the National Educational Association LGBTQ subgroup website (NEA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+ Caucus | Links to the Teen Health Source (2-4): takes them to a whole host of sexually explicit teen sex websites such as: DIY Sex Toys, Anal Sex, Bondage, Domination, And Sadomasochism…. just to name a few. Why is the PSEA Teacher’s Union promoting inappropriate adult sexual topics and behavior to minors???

In our opinion, these Democratic candidates are not “Moderates” as they claim, but progressive activists, who would not stop outside organizations such as the PSEA from implementing their political and sexual agenda on our children.

Sources: 1) Teachers’ Union Culture-War in Pennsylvania: Gender Ideology in Classroom | National Review 2)Sex – Teen Health Source, 3) untitled (, 4)Fingering and Fisting – Teen Health Source