Learning Loss Reversal

Review Achievement Data from the 2021-2022 School Year

At the December 5, 2022 school board meeting, the Director of Teaching and Learning, Richard B. Kratz, Jr., presented the below information concerning student progress. There are some really interesting charts including 4-year trends of SAT scores. This goal will be followed closely over the coming months.

Portrait of a Graduate

At the March 14, 2023 meeting, Dr. Lucabaugh aired a video highlighting the “Portrait of a Graduate” which is a vision that outlines the essential skills, knowledge, and attributes that a school district aims to instill in its students by the time they graduate. We look forward to more to come on this concept.

We greatly appreciate and thank Dr. Lucabaugh, the board, our teachers and support staff who are eager to tackle of all our students (regardless of race, color, religion, sex/gender/sexual preferences or national origin). We THANK YOU and APPRECIATE your outstanding efforts in educating our children and keeping them safe!