Dr. Lucabaugh

Dr Lucabaugh

Our CBSD Superintendent started off his role with many challenges, but has vowed to focus on students and get our district back on track!

The Superintendents Advisory Council

The Superintendents Advisory Council was started in October/2022. 1500 students were interviewed about what was important to them and how the district could better serve them.

Dr. Lucabaugh starts CBSD Education Foundation

Dr. Lucabaugh starts CBSD Education Foundation to harness the excellent community support for our students.

Often the best qualities of a person are not seen in public

Through a RTK request, parents found a conversation between Board Director Karen Smith and Dr. Lucabaugh. Needless to say, we were very impressed at his verbal commitment to serve all CBSD students, protect them from any type of harm, and show that doing the right thing is not always easy, but it must be done. Even in the face of criticism by fellow peers.

Incidentally, Policy 109 does support Dr. Lucabaugh’s actions to internally challenge books which he was aware were sexually explicit in nature.