Residents can exercise their 1st Amendment; They do not have the right to threaten or intimidate!

The misinformation campaign by the media has led to escalated tactics, including heated public comments, protests, and national media attention, and caused massive division and open anger in our community. In the last few months, this behavior has some to a head, with intimidation threats being targeted towards the PR firm hired by CBSD, and Republican school board members received threats of violence.

Devine Partners PR Firm

CBSD hired a PR firm to help with the negative media attention as a result of parents coordinating with the ACLU to file complaints against the district. The PR firm was also hired to restructure and support the district’s internal communications department.

  • Progressive activists contacted the PR firm directly to attempt to force them to sever their contract with CBSD.
  • Third Part clients of the PR firm were also contacted to put pressure on the PR firm to stop working with CBSD. These companies and organizations had no connection to our district but were informed of our community matters and activists ask them to put pressure on the PR firm to sever ties with CBSD.
  • Employees of the PR firm were identified, personally contacted and threatened to stop working on the project or they would not work again in their field.

This is out of line, unprofessional and unbelievable that our own parents and residents would take matters into their own hands to intimidate people. Diana Leygerman is a former 2021 Democratic Party School Board Candidate bragged about it on social media!

Republican School Board Directors Are Personally Threatened

At the March 14, 2023 CBSD School Board Meeting, President Dana Hunter plays a clip of a vial phone message she received. Fast forward to the 28 minute mark so hear this disturbing voice mail. Other Republican board members received the similar messages. Intimidation and threats are criminal and this is not what our community should tolerate in any form to anyone.

The media reporters such as Emily Rizzo (WHYY), Cyril Mychalejko (Bucks County Beacon), Jo Ciavaglia/ Chris Ullery (Courier) and Maddie Hanna (Inquirer) use their media outlets as their personal platform to continue the barrage of attacks on our district, parents and organizations that don’t share their personal political beliefs. Here are some very biased, hateful and unbalanced tweets that do nothing but create division in our community.

What did happen to all the classics that we read in high school? Can’t a parent question why the content of their child’s English class only includes political and social justice topics? Clearly their children are upset by it as well. But, parents aren’t supposed to question public schools according to the Beacon…..

Coordinated theatrical performances have, unfortunately, become a monthly occurrence for those opposing the majority school board members.

Diana Leygerman, a failed school board 2021 election candidate, ceded her time to Comedian Walter Masterson, a YouTuber, whose platform revolves around making fun of conservatives. Many in the room on both sides, did not find mocking our school board directors and administration comical. His appearance during a contentious time in our community was not warranted as he brought nothing to the table to help resolve our issues. Ms. Leygerman denies inviting him to speak, however, she allowed him to have a platform. This charade definitely falls under the category of “Doxing the District”. Mr. Masterson of course used the footage for his YouTube channel. We hope Ms. Leygerman finds joy in our community being made fun of on a national scale.

Many progressive activist parents have been very critical of our school district.

Their lies and misinformation have contributed greatly to the division in our community.

  • The district didn’t invite Laurie Anderson to speak at our board meeting. In our opinion, others seemed to have contacted her as per their reactions in the back of the board room.
  • The district didn’t create the “banned book” theme and sought out the media to perpetuate and promote it in a plethora of local and national articles.
  • The district didn’t contact the View either, and in our opinion was done in a similar effort as with the PR firm to apply unbelievable pressure to the school board directors to comply with the progressive left.
  • WHO DID contact the View? In our opinion it was the same people criticizing our school board majority.

Paul Martino, a CBSD parent started a PAC, to help support wonderful school board candidates. He and his family are being attacked unfairly. Most election money comes from outside organizations, such as unions who don’t have children or a stake in our community. The Martino’s appreciate the education that our district provides and wanted to give back and help it thrive. Why are they being singled out and criticized?

CBSD Board Watch has been very active putting out very distasteful videos.